Eagles News · WEEKLY UPDATE 10/8-Make sure to register online- Winter Sports-Coaching Contacts/ SENIOR NIGHT INFO

Good Afternoon SV Community,

We are now officially half way through the first marking period. It is hard to believe that the quarter is going so fast. Please make sure you are keeping up with your student athletes grades by visiting the mycmps parental portal. There is no reason for you not to be aware of how they are doing in school. Make sure they know you are aware and hold them accountable.

Please keep reading for important updates and recaps from our athletic events.


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Online Registration-Winter Sports- Is open.


We are just over a month until Winter Sports begins. Do not wait until the last minute to register. As of this morning, we have had 30 student athletes register for fall sports.  All Montgomery County Student athletes are required to register online via the mymcps online parental portal. https://portal.mcpsmd.org/public/

This is the fourth season of using the online registration portal. Please note that if your student athlete participated in sports over the past calendar year, then you are already registered with the portal. You only have to official register for winter sports by logging onto the portal and clicking on the ‘WINTER SPORTS” registration.  You will not have to create a new login with the portal. Please also note that ALL parent guardians should be registered with the portal in order to access their students grades and teacher information. It is important to stay up to date with the academic progress of your student at all times.

A few important items regarding registration:

  • All student athletes must have a valid and current physical (last page of sr-8) in order to tryout
  • Specific directions on how to register for the portal are attached. (English and Spanish)
  • When linking your student athletes- you must use the access id and access password sent to all residencies over the summer.  YOU DO NOT USE THE STUDENTS SCHOOL ID AND PASSWORD
  • Winter sports begin November 15th. Schedule to be released in the next 3 weeks.

Winter Contacts and Meetings:

Please make sure to be following us on twitter for pre-season interest meetings being held by our Winter Sports teams. Most teams have already held at least one interest meeting. A specific practice schedule will be put out in the coming weeks.

All coaching contact is located on our website www.svhsathletics.org, including emails and team twitter information.




Just as you may not want to pursue a career in science if your passion is writing, your teen may have certain activities and school subjects that capture his or her interest. “Every student wants to feel successful, which is why many gravitate toward subjects where they are strongest—and away from those where they are weak,” says Eileen Huntington, co-founder of Huntington Learning Center. “It’s perfectly natural that by the time a student reaches high school, he or she may have discovered a passion for one or two subjects or hobbies. One of these areas may soon become your teen’s college major or even evolve into a career path one day, so in the high school years, parents should think about how to encourage their teens to make the most of what they’re good at.”

How can parents help their teen flourish by nurturing his or her strengths? Huntington offers the following tips:

Start with a self-assessment. If your teen seems to feel and perform average at most things, help him or her explore what he or she is good at. Open-ended conversations about areas where your teen feels the most confident are a good place to start, but if your teen struggles to articulate his or her thoughts, try an assessment, such as the Gallup StrengthsFinder (the adult or youth version) or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Personality traits can be parlayed into strengths. Your teen isn’t a straight-A student, but is a social butterfly who loves organizing activities and rallying friends and family to get involved. Perhaps your teen has the skills to excel in a school leadership position, such as serving on student council. Or, does his or her high school offer any business management or leadership courses?

Remind your teen that strengths can be useful, even if they’re not favorites. If your teen is great at math but doesn’t love it, becoming a statistician will not likely become his or her future career. However, your teen could use this area of strength to his or her advantage. Your teen’s calculus teacher could serve as an excellent college reference and mentor if he or she nurtures the relationship. If your teen sees him or herself as a budding entrepreneur, having strong math and reasoning skills will definitely be valuable down the road.

Let strengths guide passions. Encourage your teen to seek out opportunities to build upon (and get excited about) his or her areas of strength. Think of volunteer prospects, part-time jobs, school activities and extracurricular activities that will allow your teen to exercise his or her skills in new and different ways. A bookworm might enjoy reading to children at the local library, working in a book store or trying his or her own hand at writing stories



Due to the rain-there were a few contests that were rescheduled- please see below:

JV and V Girls Soccer vs. Poolesville originally scheduled for September 25th will be made up Saturday, October 13th at Poolesville HS JV 1:30/ V 3:30

V Boys soccer originally scheduled for September 26th vs. Blake will be made up on Monday, October 15th at Blake at 5:30 pm

V Boys Soccer vs. Magruder originally scheduled for October 4th will be made up on Thursday, October 18th at 3:30 pm at Magruder HS

JV and Varsity Field Hockey vs. Kennedy originally scheduled for Saturday, October 6th, will be made up today, October 8th at Kennedy HS. V 3:45/ JV 5:15 pm.

Varsity Field Hockey vs. Poolesville originally scheduled for September 26th will be made up on Tuesday, October 16th at Poolesville HS at 4 pm

The golf match originally scheduled for September 17th vs. Wheaton and Kennedy will be made up Monday, October 8th at Needwood GC at 3 pm.

The Varsity Boys and Girls Soccer teams will play at Northwest this evening. Boys 5:15/ Girls 7:15. This is a change from the original schedule. The JV games have been postponed. No make-up date has been determined.

**Immediately following the Girls game- Our Class of 2019 Seniors will be recognized.


Boys and Girls Soccer- Northwest at Seneca Valley at Northwest- Boys 5:15/ Girls 7:15. Monday, October 8th. Seniors will be recognized following the Girls game.

Varsity Field Hockey- Watkins Mill at Seneca Valley at Watkins Mill V 3:45 pm- Thursday, October 11th, 2018. We would recognize the Seniors prior to the game. I would like to do it around 3:30 pm. 

Girls Volleyball, Golf and Cross Country vs. Walter Johnson V 6 pm- Thursday, October 25th, 2018. We would recognize all of the team at approximately 5:45. We would then add warm up time and start the game a few minutes late.  Girls Volleyball would be recognized first, then Golf and Then Cross Country.

Varsity Football, Poms, Band and Cheer vs. Wheaton at Gaithersburg HS.  Friday, November 2nd, 2018. Varsity Football will be recognized prior to the game (specifics to follow) and Band, then Cheer, then Poms will be recognized. The plan is to add an additional 15 minutes to halftime. Band would perform, then Poms. Then all Band, Cheer and Poms would be recognized all at once. 

Please make sure to refer to our website www.svhsathletics.org for all scheduling needs and other important information.



Please note you can find our schedule on our website www.svhsathletics.org for future games.


Please contact Athletic Director Jesse Irvin if you have any questions or concerns.