Eagles News · Weekly Update- Week of April 8th- 4th Qtr has begun-Senior Night Information

Good Afternoon SV Community,

The 4th qtr has begun. Hard to believe the year has went by so quickly. Thank you to those that send in photos, they have been posted on the website. Please make sure you are checking in with your student athletes teachers and monitoring their academics via the mymcps parental portal . There should be no excuse for not being aware of the academic progress of your student athlete.

Please keep reading for important updates and scheduling information.



Did you know that our awesome website, www.svhsathletics.org is a great way to share game photos of our student athletes. Our department loves to show off our young men and women student athletes in action. If you find yourself taking a lot of game photos, or are a parent/guardian who attends the games who has an interest in doing so, please contact the athletic office and we will share with you a link in order for you to share the photos. Those photos will then be uploaded to our website.


Senior nights are fast approaching, please note below for our plans for senior night. If you are a parent/guardian and have an idea of how you would like to help celebrate our seniors on these nights, please contact the athletic office.


Girls Tennis- Monday, April 15th- vs. Damascus at MLK 330


-Seniors will be recognized prior to the match at approximately 3:25 pm


Boys tennis- Thursday, April 25th vs Northwest at MLK 330


-Seniors will be recognized at 3:25 prior to the match


Coed Volleyball and Track and Field-Monday, April 29th- Rockville at Seneca Valley 530 pm


-senior recognition will be held prior to the Game at approximately 5:10 pm. We will recognize track and then volleyball.


Boys Lacrosse and Girls Lacrosse-May 2nd, at Gaithersburg VG 5:30/ VB 7:15 pm


-Seniors will be recognized following the Girls Game- The Boys will be recognized first and then the Girls


Baseball and Softball-Saturday, May 4th vs Wheaton 2:30 pm


-Baseball will be recognized at approximately 2:10 pm prior to their game.- South Germantown Field F


-Softball will be recognized at approximately 210 pm prior to their game.-MLK





Please note that all coaching contacts are conveniently located on our athletic website www.svhsathletics.org





Seneca Valley High School has the following coaching opportunities available. Qualified and interested candidates should apply online through MCPS Careers and contact Jesse Irvin, Athletic Director. (jesse_a_irvin@mcpsmd.org) Please feel free to share this information with anyone who would be a good candidate.


Fall 2019 – Starts August 14, 2019

JV Field Hockey

V Field Hockey

JV Girls Volleyball

Assistant Cross Country

JV Cheerleading

Coed Golf


Winter 2019-2020- Starts November 15rh, 2020

JV Wrestling





Track and Field bus to Watkins Mill, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

To- at 2:45- Return to SV at 5:30 pm: 4317 to WMHS- return 4307


Baseball Bus to South Germantown Recreational park- Monday –Friday

To- at 2:45- Return to Sv at 5:30 pm : 2506 to the park return 2405


Softball and Boys Tennis bus to Martin Luther King Middle School- Monday- Friday

To at 2:45- Return to Sv at 5:30 pm : 2992 to King and return 2992


Girls Tennis Bus to Roberto Clemente Middle School- Monday-Friday

To at 2:45- Return at 5 pm. 2995 to Clemente and return 2621





Please visit this link for a complete practice schedule.






The Athletic department would like to remind all student athletes and parent/guardians of student athletes that student athletes are required to be in class every day for all 7 periods. A parental note is not an excused absence.


We would also like to remind all student athletes that they are required to change and participate in pe in order to participate in a practice or game that day.


Attention: New Policy. If a student athlete receives more than 2 tardies from class during a week period- they are suspended for a contest. It is important that our student athletes understand the important of being on time and working hard in all of their classes each day.


And finally a reminder that all of our student athletes have made a commitment to excellence and therefore should be attending practice every day and failure to do so may lead to dismissal from the their team



Please make sure to check our website frequently for updates on cancellations.


Varsity Baseball vs Watkins Mill- originally scheduled for April 5th– will be made up April 15th at 3:45 pm at South Germantown Park Field F


Please make sure to check in frequently for game time changes, due to weather and other circumstances.


Please note you can find our schedule on our website www.svhsathletics.org for future games.



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Please contact Athletic Director Jesse Irvin if you have any questions or concerns.