Eagles News · Winter Sports Begins November 15th-Important updates- and Coaches Contacts

Good evening SV Community,


Our Fall Seasons have come to an end. Congratulations to our coaches, student athletes, student body and community on a great season.  Our school spirit was the highest it has been in years.  Our goal is to keep that momentum going into the winter season. We have some great plans for the winter and are very excited to see all of our teams perform.


Hard to believe, that with Fall ending – it is time for Winter Season to begin.  For most of our teams the season starts on Friday, November 15th.  In order to participate, all interested student athletes must be registered via the MYmcps parental portal https://portal.mcpsmd.org/public/ and must have a valid and updated physical on file with the athletic director’s office.  Student Athletes must also be academically eligible, based on 1st qtr grades (no more than one E and a 2.0 non-weighted gpa), and be obligation free.


If you need assistance in registering please visit our website www.svhsathletics.org under the more tab/ links- for specific directions. You can also contact Athletic Director Jesse Irvin for assistance. Please note however, that in order to be guaranteed to be cleared for day one- you must be registered and cleared by Wednesday, November 13th.


Please see below for more specific information for Winter Sports- including coaching contact information and the schedule for the first four days.


Please note that all of our practice times are on google calendar which is available via our website under practice/events.



  • Poms will not be holding a new tryout- but do need to register for winter. Cheer will be holding tryouts- Monday November 18th and Tuesday the 19th.
  • All of this is subject to change- make sure to refer to the calendar for immediate updates.


Coaching Contact Information


Boys Basketball- Varsity- Boli Kabwasa Bolikoko_A_Kabwasa@mcpsmd.org


Boys Basketball- JV- Calving Jenkins  Calvin_JenkinsJr2@mcpsmd.org


Girls Basketball- Varsity/JV- Ali Hashemzadeh  Charles_A_Hashemzadeh@mcpsmd.org

*-note we will have a JV team as well- but all should use Coach Hashemzadeh as the contact


Wrestling- Varsity/JV- Bernard Wolley Bernard_Wolley@mcpsmd.org


Indoor Track- Chris Colbert Christopher_A_Colbert@mcpsmd.org


Swim and Dive- Nicole Fisher Nicole_Fisher@mcpsmd.org


Poms- Jasmine Jones Jasmine_L_Jones@mcpsmd.org

*-note there will not be a new tryout- but all poms must register again via the portal


Winter Cheer- Latoya Dyson Latoya_R_Dyson@mcpsmd.org

*-Note- we will be having a new tryout for Winter Cheer


Bocce- Tina Sisson Mary_C_Sisson@mcpsmd.org


Winter Practice Schedule –First 4 days


These are the approximate times of each winter teams practice schedule for the first four days-Times are subject to change- please refer to www.svhsathletics.org  for any updates. It is the expectation that student athletes attend every practice. Failure to do so may lead to not making the team. Many teams will be on a rotating schedule, Please refer to the practice and events link for a Google calendar with all events and times.


Friday, November 15th– 4-630- Wrestling Room (9)

-Saturday, November 16th– 9-11/ 1-3- Wrestling Room (9)

-Monday-Tuesday, November 18th-19th-330-630- Wrestling Room (9)


Girls Basketball-Varsity and JV

-Friday, November 15th– 530- 730- Main Gym

-Saturday, November 16th– 8-10/ 12-2- Main Gym/ Aux Gym

-Monday-Tuesday, November 18th-19th-530-730- Main Gym


Boys Varsity and JV Basketball

-Friday, November 15th-330-530- Main Gym

-Saturday, November 16th– 10-12/ 2-4- Main and Aux Gym

-Monday- November 18th– Varsity 3:30-5:30- Main Gym- JV 530-730- Aux Gym


Indoor Track

Friday, November 15th– 3-5- SVHS

-Saturday, November 16th– 10-12- SVHS

-Monday, November 18th– 3-5-SVHS

-Tuesday, November 19th– 3-530- Watkins Mill –Bus 4314 to WM- Bus 4307 back to SV


Swim and Diving

Tuesday, November 19th– 5 AM- Germantown Indoor Swim

Thursday, November 21st– 5 AM- Germantown Indoor Swim

Tuesday, November 26th– 5 AM- Germantown Indoor Swim

Tuesday, December 3rd– 5 AM- Germantown Indoor Swim


Bocce Ball

Monday, December 2nd- 245-4- NJROTC Hallway



-Monday, November 18th– 5-7 pm- Cafeteria

-Tuesday, November 19th 5-7 pm- Cafeteria

-Wednesday, November 20th, 5-7 pm- Cafeteria

-Tuesday, November 26th– 430-6 -Cafeteria



-Monday, November 18th– 245-5- Main Gym (3:30)-cafe

-Tuesday, November 19th– 5-7-cafeteria

-Wednesday, November 20th– 245-5- Main Gym (3:30) – Café


Thanks and please contact Athletic Director Jesse Irvin for any questions or concerns.