Eagles News · Seneca Valley “Always Together” T-Shirts and Hats- Help Raise Funds For Germantown Help

Good morning SV Community,

Seneca Valley High School has partnered with Athletic House, located in Gaithersburg HS, to help our school show our unity to our school community and also help raise money for Germantown HELP.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding us today, there is one thing for certain, although we are apart, we’re always together. With schools closed, seasons abruptly cancelled, and long standing traditions coming to a halt- The pride of our students, staff, and families have is stronger than ever.

We are selling T-shirts, hats and/or a mask that helps show that even though we are apart right now- The Screaming Eagles are always together.  With each purchase, individually shipped to your address, Germantown HELP (https://germantownhelp.org/ ) will receive a $5.00 donation towards their foundation which helps families in need in the Germantown area.

We hope that, if able, you will purchase an item and show our #svproud pride and help out a local organization at the same time.

Please use this link to the online store to purchase your item(s).


Deadline for orders is May 21st, 2020

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Seneca Valley Athletic Director Jesse Irvin.