Eagles News · SVHS Athletics- G Week 2020- Free Gatorade Products

SVHS Student Athletes,

As you know we were not able to hold our Athletic Kick off Celebration this year due to Covid 19.  One feature of this event was our G-Week, which also was postponed.

During our G-Week, thanks to Gatorade, we are able to give out free products to our student athletes.

Well, we have exciting news. Gatorade has stepped up once again and is providing our student athletes with a great nutrition kit.

Included in this kit is:

1 Gatorade Prime Energy Chew

1 Gatorade Powder Stick

1 16.9 oz Bolt 24

1 Gatorade Recovery Protein Bar

1 Gatorade Super Shake

This is a great package and it is free.

You might be asking- ok- so how do i get it?

We are offering these kits (we have 650) to our student athletes to pick up on Tuesday, November 17th from 3- 6 pm at the new school. You can see from the map below- where you enter and exit and pick up the product.

It is important to point out a few things:

  • These are pre-packaged in a bag
  • They will be distributed via drive up pick up- similar to when you pick up school supplies.
  • Once you arrive- you will show your student ID- or if you don’t have that-you Student ID- then a SV Staff member with a mask and gloves will hand out the Gatorade Kit.
  • Parent/guardians and Student Athletes should remain in their vehicles during this process
  • You are not guaranteed the kit
    • Once the 650 kits are gone- we will stop distribution
    • If you cannot provide your student ID- you will not receive the kit

These kits are being offered to any student athlete currently enrolled at Seneca Valley- you do not have to be enrolled in a virtual sport.

Only one kit will be distributed per student athlete.

Gatorade has asked that we also share this message from Mr. Khalil Lee,  GSSI lab at IMG Academy- explaining the role protein, carbs and electrolytes play in sports nutrition.

Please note the picture below with entrance and exit directions.

Please contact Athletic Director Jesse Irvin if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks and Go Screaming Eagles