Eagles News · Our Mascot needs a name!

Good Morning, SVHS Community,

With the new building, we decided to order a brand new Screaming Eagle Mascot costume. Our mascot does not have a name, and we want to fix that!

We want the students to choose the name, so we are having a contest! Students will submit their name options and vote on the winning name. The student who submits the winning name will receive a $25 Visa gift card.

Please go to this google form to submit a name to enter the contest: https://forms.gle/2zbHoyQdPyXjW5Lk8

Submissions will be accepted until January 8th. The following week we will send out a ballot so you can vote for the winning name. The winning name will be announced at the January PTSA meeting (Jan 19, 2021).

*If more than 1 student submits the winning name, the gift card winner will be chosen at random. When we announce the name, all students who submitted the winning name will get credit. When we announce the name, all students who submit the winning name will get credit.*